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How To Cure Herpes Naturally With Asian Herbal Medicine?

Herpes is an infection that occurs in the nerves and surrounding skin. Herpes caused by chickenpox virus called Varisella Zoster. To treat herpes can done with traditional Asian herbs. How to cure herpes naturally with Asian herbal medicine?

How To Cure Herpes Naturally With Asian Herbal Medicine

The herpes-causing virus located around the spine, and can reside after the chickenpox recovers, then reactivates and causes Herpes disease. Symptoms of herpes are hot burning, or piercing sharp objects. Sometimes itching and numbness appear on the infected skin.

How To Cure Herpes Naturally

Treating herpes with Ficus Septica leaves has long use by our ancestors in Indonesia. Traditionally, the benefits of Ficus Septica leaves can cure herpes, headache and rheumatism. Patients will feel a rash that then turned into a blister sores filled with water, similar to chicken pox. Within a few days this watery nodding will dry out and turn into a scab. But those with herpes who experience pain without rash.

Common symptoms characterized by fever, headache, very sensitive to light, tired and not feeling well. Generally, herpes patients will recover after 14 to 28 days, but the pain is sometimes unbearable. And how to cure herpes naturally with traditional Asian herbs?

Ficus Septica is a tall bush plant, growing upright 1 to 5 meters. The following are plant characteristics:
  1. Crooked, soft, round cylindrical branches, hollow, and nitty.
  2. Large leaf shape, very pointed, single leafed, stemmed, face-to-face leaves, stem length 2.53 cm.
  3. Leaf blobs are elliptical and round base, flat edges. The upper leaves are dark green glossy, there are pale spots. The bottom is light green, there is a middle leaf bone and 6 to 12 side bones.

Ficus Septica grows wild in the lowlands, altitude up to 1200 mdpl. According to studies, Ficus Septica leaves contain flavonoid compounds, sterols, and are useful as diuretic and emetic. Herbal recipes to cure herpes with Ficus Septica leaf are as follows:
  1. Provide fresh Ficus Septica leaves to taste, a little water.
  2. Mix both and mashed finely into pasta or ointment.
  3. This paste is smeared on the infected skin, do it three times a day until healed.

Ficus Septica can inhibit the growth of Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli. Based on the results of bioautographic testing, 4 grams of leaf extract dissolved into methanol can inhibit bacterial growth. And 5 grams of Antofin as antibacterial B.Subtillis, M.Flavus and E.Coli.


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